Ayala Weiss


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.Ayala Weiss was born in Israel in 1975
.In 2001 she graduated art department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
,On the same year she won a two years scholarship from the America-Israel cultural Foundation
.the Sharett Scholarship Program
.Ayala's current work focuses on sculpture and design, mainly in fiberglass
Her prime interest is with the concept of “a line”: from traditional drawings to drawing in
.space – depicting volume by lines, thus walking away from the physical mass
Exploring the concept of line had led Ayala to use fiberglass, a transparent material that
.enables flotation and the nullification of mass
Light is another characteristic of Ayala's work - with fiberglass it works as a sculpture
.tool to bring the piece into life
The images in Ayala's body of work draw heavily on the encounter between her inner
.gay world and the strait world in which she lives, and the conventions it imposes on her


2004 - "Tzura Lach" – a group exhibition, Beit Haim Acherim, Tel – Aviv
2002 - Designers exhibition, T.L.V, Tel – Aviv.
2001 - Final exhibition in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
2000 - "Mandatory service" – a group exhibition “Shlush” gallery, Tel – Aviv
2000 - "Women Creating" – a group exhibition, the “Borochov” gallery, Tel – Aviv
1996 -A sole exhibition, “Abarbanel” gallery, Florentine, Tel – Aviv

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