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Erel Oren -Mr. Israel in body building for IFBB in August 2003.
E -mail

97239338392 - phone
972544552766 -phone

If you are interested in making your body look good and more muscular, be more healthy, contact me: I work with persons in Israel and abroad.

1. Tell a little about yourself. (birth, education, work, place of work and future plans)
1. I was born in Israel and I live in Ma'ash, I began to exercise and train with emphasis on body development from age 13. Today, I am 29 and have 13 years in intense body building. I am straight.

2. How long have you been listed on AtrafDating?
2. Two years.

3. You present yourself as straight. So why are you listed on AtrafDating (a gay dating site)?.
3,I advertise myself on a few sites, forums, chat email lists. I find that gays are one of the best customers for body and muscle development .

4. Tell us how you formulated your method for body development and muscle training.
4. I tried many methods until I discovered the best way which is the "Cyborg" way and about this method I produced a book.

5. Did you always know if you would make body development your way of life?
5. From childhood, I had lean and muscular body and also I had influences of famous body builders who were not gay.

6. How often do you login to Atraf?
6. I am online all the time.

7. Which kind of guys contact you through Atraf?
7 . All kinds of guys contact me: lean, regular, and fat. Those who want to improve their appearance through a private trainer.

8. Did you also get offers for sex?
8 . All the time, although it is flattering, I am straight, therefore there is no chance. I don't have with people fanaticizing about me.

9. What do you consider a handsome man?
9 . One who takes care of himself, a lean body, muscular, for example, Antonio Sabato Junior.

10. Who made your professional photos?
10. After my winning of the Mr Israel contest, I did a five-day photo shoot done by Guy Hecht, Uri Gershoni, and others, in order to capture the body image.

11. Do body building make you popular with the women.
11. Many women are attracted by this and There are some behave differently, like touching and the way they stare at me. It is fun to be like a star and be admired by the beautiful gender.

12. Tell about one strange happening from Atraf.?
12. There were none.

13. What do you recommend to guys in order to change their physical appearance ?
13. Healthy diet and physical exercise.

14. What would you change on Atraf?
14 I think that there should be a category of fitness and nutrition.

15. Rate Atraf from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.
15. . I rate Artaf 9,

16. Do you check profiles or do you just look at the pictures?
16. I don't have any sexual pretense. If I contact someone on the site, it is under the context of offering professional consultation on the body. I mainly wait for Atraf surfers who are interested in body building, diet and nutrition.

17. As a straight guy what do you think about the nudity that is on the site.
17.Each person can do what he wants. I am straight and therefore it does not affect me sexually.

18. Do you contact users on the site or wait for them to come to you?
18. Both.

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