good boys

Synopsis - good boys

17-year-old Meni wears only the most fashionable clothes, interested in music, loves the cinema and works as a rent boy. He had a baby from Mika, a young drug addict prostitute. He has an adoptive mother who is also a trans-gender prostitute and clients that contact him on his cell-phone.

One night he meets Tal, also a hustler and they decide to spend the night together. During that night their lives get a new meaning, but can the little hope change the life they are used to from early age?

In the morning they decide to meet later at the club. Until the awaited meeting, both of them will have to deal with their weary routine of clients, marginalized people and unexpected events.

Director's Note



After I wrote the script I asked my good friend Keren Yedaya to direct it. She advised me to do it myself, in order to ensure that the film would be shot as I envisioned it. I had considered myself primarily as a writer and so I also asked my friend Tomer Heymann to direct it. He gave me the same counsel.

After sixteen days of shooting, on a 500$ budget employing an arsenal of young cast and crew members and a first time director joined together to tell the story of young people in Tel Aviv who sell their body for money.

It was the best (though not the easiest) experience in my life, and it encouraged me to direct my future scripts. For this I wish to thank the friends who encouraged me to take the leap. I hope you will enjoy this site.
More important - go and see the movie and get to know the real people behind the mask of prostitution.

Thank you,
Yair Hochner

Photos from "Good Boys"

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