Magaim -- Gay Magazine

Conversion with Danny Lachman -- Magazine staff member
by Raphael Perez and translated by Barry Davidson

Mark Ariel
The founder and creator of the first commerical Gay magazine in Israel that began during his career as an actor, that identified the needs of the gay community, including their dating needs, during the homophobic 80s.

From the begining of 1987 until 1989, the magazine as in 4-color with gay themed articles t hat especially dealt with the now-defunct Sodomy Laws through Parliamentary maneuvers.

The magazine covered party listings, personal ads for dating and meeting, club and bar listings, with strong graphic design and some of the best photography of what was in the world during the 80s.

It is interesting to see the changes in the editor of magazine who built the magazine for commercial purposes. He later became involved in the political arena and started a watch-dog group that monitored police brutality in Tel Aviv's Independence Park, which was and still is a major Gay meeting place.

The closing of the magazine came when the commercial distributors did not want to continue to publish and distribute the editions for the general public in bookstores and newsstands.

Although the magazine was not successful commerically, the gay community read it and it was hysterical and popular. The magazine editions was passed around many times amongst member of the gay community.