Nora Grinberg

Personal Biography

Nora Grinberg is one of the outstanding figures of Israel's GLBT community. In the last few years, she has been established herself as a champion for transgender rights and transgender inclusion, as well as a fighter for GLBT rights at large.

Nora was born male in Argentina in 1950, and lived most of her life as a man. She married and fathered two children. At age 49 she transitioned from male to female, and from that time she has been proudly out and active as a transgender and gay rights activist, while keeping her job as a technical communicator working for a high-tech company. Her willingness to appear in public and speak up helped to revolutionize the image of transgenders in the media and in Israeli society at large.

Nora has set herself the goal to educate the public and change prevalent attitudes toward transgender and gay people. She appears extensively on the printed and electronic media in Israel and abroad, writes and lectures on transgender and transsexual issues, and collaborates with researchers, academic staff and students to advance research and scholarship on gender and sexuality issues.

She is also active working with individual transgender people, providing help with legal and medical matters as well as support, advice and information on transition, and promoting transgender culture and awareness everywhere.

Nora Grinberg's public record includes:

- Member of the National Board of the Aguda (Israel's LGBT Association) from 2001 to 2004, first as representative of the transgender community, and from 2003 as chairperson of the organization (the first transsexual chairperson of an LGBT organization in the world).

- Member of the board of the Political Council for LGBT Rights.

- Member of the board of directors of Hoshen – Association for Education and Social Change on Sexual and Gender issues.

- Member of the board of the World Congress of GLBT Jews.

- Founder and moderator of the Transgender Teenager Support Group within the Gay Youth Organization.

- Organized the Symposium on Transgender Identity in 2002.

- Led a successful campaign to change the Ministry of Interior's policy regarding name changes of transsexual people before surgery.

- Organized the public campaign of support for Hen Alkoby, a female-to-male transsexual from Haifa, accused of criminal impersonation and other charges, and collaborated with Alkoby's defense to minimize the sentence. Ultimately Alkoby was sentenced to six months community work.

- Successfully fought the National Health Funds that refused to finance sex-change operations, helping to bring about the reversal of that policy.

- Organized and managed ongoing legal, community and personal support services for transgendered people.

- From 2001 to 2003 was head of the political lobby of the GLBT community. Carried out lobbying activities to bring about legal changes to advance the rights of transgendered and gay people.

- Worked to advance political and public issues concerning the GLBT community at large, such as gay marriage, child adoption and parenthood rights, blood donations, police violence, war on homophobia, etc.

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