About the Out Bar

The bar was designed by the architect, Ari Segal. The place was originally a shop for clothes. Segal transformed the shop into a 2-storey nightclub. For the time that it was open it was a well-designed bar. The bar facilitated the meetings for new friends due to its intimate design. On this end, many gay couples made their first connection at this bar.

The audience was generally a 25+ year old crowd. And the bar looked to give a home-like and warm atmosphere.

Special Projects

On Eurovision program broadcasting nights, the parties were started at Out Bar since 2000 and continues today at the Azimut Club, located at Alenby 28.

There were many theme nights celebrated at the Out Bar, which included, Oscar Night, Jungle Night, Beduin Nights, Secular New Years, Israeli holidays, birthdays, and others.

The Out Bar also celebrated its 3rd anniversary at the TLV night club.

During the Tel Aviv gay pride parades 1999 and 2000, the Out Bar was responsible for serving up the refreshments, both alcoholic and non, at the after-parade concert that took place at the Tel Aviv park, Ganei Yehoshuah.

Pini Zilber

Pini Zilber was born 1969 in Argentina and arrived to Israel at age 1 with his family. He grew up in Petah Tikwah. He studied Hotel Management and he still works in that profession as of today. Currently, he was organizes the Azimut gay parties which take place on Sundays. For more information, please contact him by email at out8@zahav.net.il.


Chris and Assaf were the bartenders and plus, the bar had an ever-changing staff.

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