Somewhere in Between

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the play, asks questions about our genderial identity. In search of this identity, questions about sexual identity, religious belief, political orientation and the individual inside society rise. The discussion exposes states of distress, pain, confusion, rejoice, pleasure and enjoyment. The play consists of a collection of short scenes, poems, dialogues and monologues in a humorous and poetic language. The center of the play is a girl’s character that experiences great distress because of the difference between her feminine looks and society’s attitude towards it and her inner feeling that is not compatible with her corporal figure. The play was written by Ronnie Almog, a play-writer and a transgender, that had a similar experience in his life. Ronny wrote the texts during a long period of time and the play reveals in a unique and exciting fashion some of the most difficult feelings he experienced from his childhood until today. One of the play’s aims is to break patterns of thinking concerning the roles of genders in society. The play does not answer the questions it asks and its goal is to stimulate independent reflection by the viewer.

The play was premiered in the opening ceremony of Pride Month 2003 in Tzavta Theater in Tel-Aviv. It continues to run regularly in Tel-Aviv and around the country.

Director: Issi Mamanov (Theater Director and M.A. in writing and directing). Actors: Haim Tal, Haim vider, Nili Yitzhaki, Oren Dolfin and Gal Shalev. All the actors are professional theater actors, graduates of acting schools, that act regularly in plays. Decoration Design: Michaela Lika. Lighting Design: Assi Gutesman. Original Music: Doron Shalom. Live Music played by: Udi Berner (Viola) and Doron Shalom (Piano).


“Issi directed a young group of actors with extraordinary craftsmanship that reminded me of an exact, colorful and rich-in-details embroidery, in miniatures that add up to a big cloth that wraps the audience and hugs them. A few scenes will stay in my mind. One of them that is played wholly with the actors’ feet is splendid and sexy to the extreme…go and see it in the first opportunity you have.”
Zvi Goren, Y-Net

“I watched the play and felt like a got slapped in my face. It left me confused and made me think…An original play, marvelously sincere and sensitive, with excellent acting and absolutely worth watching.”

Adi Harel, TOP Magazine

collection of photos from "Somewhere in Between"

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