Jonny and Ronny

The meeting:

Our eyes crossed first in the Rina Garden Cinema, in the late 40s of the 20th Century. That is, we met before the establishment of State of Israel.. The next day, I was cruising for sex along the Tel Aviv beach-front. And we saw each other again. At that point, we decided to walk to Jaffa. There we got biblical. In other words we had sex.

From those pleasurable times, we did not separate for 44 years until the death of my Jonny.

I, Ron Tal, was barely 17 when I started my relationship with Jonny, then 39 years old. That is, he was 22 years my senior!


He was born in Jerusalem in 1931 In his late youth, he moved to Tel Aviv. Until this day, he still lives there.

He was the staunch animal lover. He worked for the Zoological Institute in Tel Aviv, the Zoological Garden in Haifa, and later, he opened a pet shop in Tel Aviv.

Today, he works as a masseuse specializing in Reikki.

In the last 6 years, he volunteered for the Aguda for GLBT and the Bella Doeget (the A.I.D.S. organization for Israel).


Born in 1909, he was a journalist who covered Eithopian issues in that country and served for the British mandate also in that country. In the Second World War, he was a liutenant in the British Army. And during the war he served throughout Africa and far East Asia. After the establishment of the State of Israel, he volunteered with the Army 1948.

He was the head of millitary prisons. After that he came to manage non-millitary prisons. Later, he became a security agent with El Al Israel Airlines. His last job before his retirement, he was the head of the trasportation department with the Jewish Agency.

The House of Jonny and Ronny

In the early 50s until the early 80s, the house of Jonny and Ronny was open to friends to socialize, gather, eat meals, dancing, parties, etc. During this time, there were no gay clubs in Israel.

Jonny had a jeep. And in that vehicle, they hit pavement and travelled all throughout Israel. During this period, not many Israelis had vehicles.

Every opportunity to go abroad, Ronny and Jonny took advantage. They went to Greece, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Italy, France, Belgium, and others.

"The big love of my life was Jonny. However, we had extra-relationship affairs. But, we did not talk about the various sexual conquests that each of had outside of our relationship," said Ronny.

"In his late years, Jonny was dehibliating and was very sick. At that time the relationship was based on emotional support and I took care of him.

"In the end of my life, I had a full life and i felt good like a 17 year old. I went out to parties and worked. My secret of success was to keep optimistic and full of humor."

He is antithesis of what we think about lonely, older gay men. He is however, full of vitality, still has beauty on the inside. He keeps busy and is a frequent mentor of many in the Gay Israeli community. He still enjoys a full social and sexual life.

When you look at their photo, of Ronny and Jonny, one can see the unconventialness of their relationship. That is, they were openly photographed as a Gay couple, which was unheard of in the early years of Israel's existance.

Jonny was a very talented amateur photographer that succeeded to apture special life in his photos which served as a kind of documentary on their relationship.

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