Itamar Sagi




Itamar was born 1966 in Israel. One of 5 kids, he grew up in a religious house. He studied in the High School of Texitiles Design, a.k.a. Shinkar. He worked many years in interior design and also worked in wordrobe design for broadcast television and movies. Also during these years, he took items and embroidered designs into them, such as dresses and handbags.

He works with youth at Beit Dror (hostel for homeless gay youth) on a volunteer basis, teaching them art. Also, he teaches sewing to incarcerated women in Israeli prisons.

In the series of drawings pictured below, "Rabbi from New York, Banana from Plastic", he uses text that caries loaded cues relating to Gay camp jingoism such as "active/passive", and superimposed these words over naive images to give a kind of subversion based on closeted sexuality and fear of coming out.

He also has a series of drawings dealing with the male nude form. also, he painted abstract paintings in acryllic.

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