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Biography + Artist Statement

Mr. Sharon Toval was born in Israel in 1967, and grew up in Toulouse, South of France, till the age of 18. His first interest in art, was in drawing lessons he had at the age of five. Already at this age, Sharon was very sensible to esthetic and physical look of his environment.

In 1993, Sharon Toval graduated from the Israeli Institute of Technology as an Engineer, and started to work as a management consultant for important corporations in Israel and France. It's right before his MBA studies in Paris , in 1999, that he really started to paint, after a dream he had.

In the dream, Sharon was painting very colored and happy fields and landscapes. " I didn't want to wake up from this dream. I think it's probably my unconscious called my conscious to paint", that's Sharon's interpretation of his revelation.

Since then, Sharon Toval is painting in divers media. His inspirations come from his soul, his heart. " For me, painting is a way to express out my energies, if I don't do it, they become negative inside of me, and I feel bad !".

Sharon Toval painting is characterized by mixing very strong colors into a positive and optimistic harmony, it's the way of the artist to give "the good" to this world. Picasso, Klee, Miro, Hunderwasser and other great artists are his inspirations.

"A real artist, is the one who's capable of looking at other artists paintings and translate them into his own language" Sharon Toval.


06/2004 Group exhibition at Alternative Gallery. Israel Gay Artists. Tel Aviv-Jaffo.
09/2003, One-person exhibition, Jerusalem Theatre
06/2003, Group exhibition at Ophir Gallery. Israel Gay Artists. Tel Aviv.
04/2003, One-person exhibit. at Amalia Arbel Art Gallery. Tel Aviv.

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