Shlomi Asher
שלומי אשר


Shlomi Asher--Dancer and Model. Born in 1958 in Tirat HaCarmel. He served in the Israeli Navy. At the end of his military service, he began to study classic and modern dance in Haifa. After his studies he began to dance professionally at the studio "Rina Shenfield". Later in his career he began an Internationally renouned dance troup based in Israel that performed subject matter relating to topics from the Jewish bible and Eastern and Ethnic Mizrahi styles.

The troupe travelled and performed all over the world at such diverse destinations as Chicago, New York, Zurich, Antwerp, Hong Kong, and other cities. Shlomi discovered the world of falmenco dancing at the studio of Silvia Doran. He won a grant from the Fund of American Culture for Israel. The fund gave him the opportunity to learn flamenco in Spain, since there was not a program for male dancers to study their craft in Israel at the time. When he returned to Israel, he and Sima Katan started a dance pair called, "Quadro Flamenco"

At the age of 32, he switched to study photography and vitrage glass art sculpture. He developed a technique of drawing designs with smoldered metal and he used broken glass found in the sea due to their unique design and capture of light. Today, he studies and practices professional message: Chinese, Sweedish, French, Sport, and Thailand Tradtional. He also leads a group in yoga. He runs a professional message clinic/studio in Tel Aviv.

(Thanks for the talent from the Israeli photographer, Sami Ben Gad (now deseased) for his amazing studio photos.)

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