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Sinai C. Israeli was born and raised in the small town of Gederah. His birth happened during the Six-Days War. During this time, his father was in the Israeli Army, enlisted in the Sinai region of what is currently Egypt. And because of this, he was named "Sinai" by his family. Today, he lives in Tel Aviv.

During the early years, Sinai had an attraction to photography. It was in photography that he felt safety to "see the world in a prism".
He learned painting in 2000 at Avny College in Tel Aviv. And from that time and onward he continued his studies at "Tziloom Yotzer", a photographic studio also in Tel Aviv.

HIs photographic works depict journalism, sports and social critique. In this vein, he captures the nude images of both males and females and elevates it to high art.
"I am thankful to the models that I photograph," said Sinai. (One interesting thing to note is the models are straight.)

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