Women Party
Elana Shirazi and Deganit Baruchi-- Creators Women Party

Home Page: www.women-party.com

E-mail address: info@women-party.com

Telephone: 053-489988

Current Parties

G Bar, Thursday, Women Party, for Ladies 25+ only.
Hillel HaZaken Street 10, Tel Aviv. Doors open at 22:00.

The Longest-running party series with the best music with the wamth of Tel Aviv.

History of Women Party

Begining in 1990 and continuing into today, Elana and Deganit are the force behind Women Party, special events, lesbian weddings, and other projects.

In short, Women Party has served as the guiding light for Lesbian events and gatherings in Israel.

Women Party's first event, "1990 Sisters", takes place at "Penguine", Yehuda HaLevi 43, Tel Aviv.

--"Names Club"--Achat Ha'am 22, Tel Aviv, Tuesday, "Party Safo"
--Alma--happened on Thursday, Shocken Street 17, Tel Aviv.
--Alenby 58, Fridays, sunken bar for women only, "Play Girls"
-- "Zoom" at the Port of Tel Aviv, parties on Thursdays
--"Intimate Times" on Friday, Eilat Street 22, Tel Aviv
--Green Room at "TLV"
--"Lemon"-HaNegarim Street, Tel Aviv
--"Special", Alenby Street 94, Tel Aviv
--...And additional parties at announced locations.

Special Projects

At "Penguine" Club, the existance of a Lesbian wedding at a bar with was the first in Israel and one of the first in the world, "Sisters".

"Island of Lesbos", an International Production of Lesbians of the world. A plane full of Israeli lesbians came to party there.

Amsterdam Women Party, a COC party happened in conjunction with the women in Amsterdam.

Theme Parties:
Foam party, performance artists, lesbian fashion shows, Drag King performances, Gay Pride Purim, New Years, Lesbian organization parties: Klaf, Belah Doaget (War against AIDS), the Aguda Eilat Chapter, and others.

--Fundraising Parties for the Queer Community
--Fundrasing to raise awareness and bring a change to Israeli law so that Gay and Lesbian marriage can be legalized and that they can adopt children.
--Parties for the Israeli AIDS organization.
--Party to raise awareness of battered women.

Target Audience:

Lesbians, young women, couples, single women are all welcome.

Eilana Shirazy

Born in Tel Aviv, served in the paratrooper with parachute in the Israeli Army. In her younger years, she lived in Amsterdam with her Dutch girlfriend on a Dutch Farm that produced yellow cheese.

When she came back to Israel she worked for 7 years as a private investigator and detective.

Her first initation with the night life of Tel Aviv began at a coffee house, bar and bowling alley, with singer "Adam".

Elana is the niece of Shimon Shirazi, the king of Israel's gay life. She worked with her uncle for 8 years and found partner-in-life with Deganit Baruchi, who is also her partner in her projects and parties.

Daganit Baruchi

Born in Nehariyya, served in the Israeli Army, worked in holistic medicine, worked with autistic children.

She was a youth guide and currently shares her life and her work with her life-partner, Elana Shirazi.

Future Programs

Hope to continue to produce events and parties for the Lesbian audience.
And continue to enjoy and be engaged in meeting more sectors of the Israeli Lesbian community.

Organized Staff for Women Party

The best of the D.J.s and entertainment crew of Tel Aviv: Adam, Assaf Amdursky, Michal Amdursky, Robert Giltelman, Smulik Tayar, Iggy Wacksman, Offer Nissim, Moti Ovadia, Amir Cohen, Nati Cohen, Ro'i Fliner, Dan Sayag, Limor Dahan, Eli Karpel, Sonya, M-gam, Sojo, Natah.

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