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Yossi Berg - Poet, Publisher, Photographer & Entrepreneur. Born in Herzliya, Israel in 1966. Studied Law & Accounting at Tel Aviv University and since 1993 lives, creates and works in the heart of Tel Aviv. His specialties include: Wording, Legal Advisory, Real Estate Advisory, and Lecturing & Publishing. During the spring of 1995 at the age of 28, he found his way with mature insight of himself, with both his sexual preference and with the realization that each person should find his own path in life. Ideas and thoughts from this self realization process were documented in the poems he wrote during the summer of 1995. These were later published in the series: "The Life Theater" under the pseudonym Z. Dror (Z for Zipore - Zipore Dror in Hebrew means "free bird"). This pseudonym was taken from one of his poems. His next endeavor was the establishment of Hagigim ("Reflections") Publishing House which specializes in poetry. Hagigim also has published a variety of books in subjects such as: management, law, history, spouses, children, and humour.

In order to promote the poems he published, he created many innovative ways to get the poetry to the public. These included poem stickers, envelopes, post cards and even poem t-shirts, all of this as a practical art parallel to "telling poems" in books fairs, festivals, etc.

In order to promote his Homosexual Erotic Poetry, Yossi took photographs of lads and displayed his poetry cards as well as the Israeli homosexual magazine "The Pink Era" in the annual "Israeli Festival of Books" in Tel Aviv every year since 1997.

Yossi Berg's creation reflects his soul in the process of finding himself :with all the difficulties of choosing a different way of life, with the fear of staying alone, with the fear of loosing the chance of future partnership, from not having family, children and happiness (in the book: "As a cork extricated from a bottle").

This as well as not being able to fulfill his feelings to the strait guy who was the love of his life (in the book: "I loved you"), as well as in the realization of his sexual preference of the same sex with its magic and its fears (in the book: "lads' passion"), as well as in his photography that reveals his preference (in the exhibition: "slender") , as well as in the variety of the ways he is using to touch the readers soul, the poetry cards and the other tools with the emphasizing on "saying" poets.

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