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I was born in Southern Tel Aviv in 1957. From 1989 until 1982, i travelled around the world, especially throughout the Third World. Most of my journey I participated in program that dealt with medical afflictions including AIDS.

In 1992, I returned to Israel to work with AIDS patients and the Israeli Organization for AIDS, Bella Doeget, major Israeli hospitals that provide care to those sick with H.I.V. and AIDS. From 2001, I began to live in Eilat. I began work in a Kindergarten for children with special needs.

For all the years I worked in various artistic mediums, like paintings, sculpture, jewlery, etc., this series of sculpture is a mixed media created from cast aways, industrial garbage, and general trash.

In Eilat, my creation deal with waste and the cleansing environment. The sculpture comes the recycling of plastic, wood, metal, etc. I covered the various items with newspaper and then covered the newspaper with paint to form a kind of laquer over the objecs used.

The sculpture and its finished shape comes from the evolved shape formed by the sculptural components themselves.

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